Chicken Coriander Soup


For comfort for soul and belly, this soup is the one to go to in winter. Easy on the cook too since it takes little time to make. Also, easy on the pocket with very minimal easily available ingredients.

This is for 6 bowls of soup.

In a pot take 8 bowls of water and put 500 gms of minced chicken to boil by adding about 2 teaspoons of finely chopped ginger and salt to taste. You could also use shredded chicken. But I used mined version.

Once the chicken stock is done, chicken is boiled, and the water gets reduced a little, strain the chicken and keep aside the stock.

Now in a pan, add the chicken. Turn on heat and add butter. Brown the chicken. Add a little bit of pepper. When it is done, add the stock and a medium bowl full of chopped fresh coriander leaves. Let t boil for a while. Remove from heat. Add juice from one lemon, and serve piping hot with garlic bread.

Did wonders to me since I was suffering from cold and cough. 🙂

Egg Baffat

Egg Baffat

Green chillies
Red chillies
Coriander powder
Red Chilly Powder
Cumin Powder
Cloves (ground)
Cinnamon (ground)
Cardamom (ground)
Mustard (powder/paste)

1)Boil the eggs hard.
2)Fry them after sprinkling with chilli powder salt.
3)Heat oil in a pan.
4)Add chillies and fry them.
5)Add chopped onions and continue frying.
6)Add tomatoes and continue stirring.
7)Add all masalas and mix well.
8)Add the eggs and cook for a while.
9) Serve.
(You can garnish with cilantro and boiled eggs if you want. I used green peppers, aka capsicum, since I love the aroma they add.)

Masoor Dal Khichuri

Piping hot Khichuri with its steam and smell  mesmerizing the senses is a comfort food when the air gets cooler. Kolkata air has a nip and this makes a happy family meal.

– Rice 1 cup,
– Musur Dal- Red Lentils 1 cup
– medium sized potatoes- 2
– Peas-100 gms,
– tomato (big sized)- 1
– Cauliflower- small, 1
– Onions- 5 to 6
– Ginger paste – 1 teaspoon
– Red chillies, dried, 2
– Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
– Bay Leaves 2
– Sliced Green Chllies 2
– salt to taste
– Sugar 1 teaspoon
– Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
– Ghee 1 table spoon
– water as required
– Red chilly powder – 1 teaspoon

Wash and drain the rice and dal separately. Chop onions. Cut the potatoes and cauliflower into big chunks and sprinkle salt over them. Heat oil in a frying pan. When hot then fry the potatoes and cauliflower, till brown (golden). Drain on paper/tissue and keep aside. In a pan take ghee and heat it. Add the cumin seeds, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, and let sizzle. Add the onion and ginger paste to it along with the tomato pieces, turmeric and salt. Pour the water in a stock pot and allow it to boil. Once it starts boiling add the rice and musur/masoor dal  (lentil). After a cilantro while add the fried vegetables which were kept aside followed by the peas and the onions. Stir it well. Now close the lid of the pan. Check the water while cooking. Some people love Khichuri quite runny others dont- if you want it to be runny add some more water. Add the rice and stir well. Add the dal, the rest of the spices, water and close the lid of the pan. When half done add the vegetables so that they also get boiled, but take care not to mash them. It is done when the dal (pulse) and rice are completely cooked and have a semi-solid consistency. To serve – pour 1 tsp of ghee over the top and sliced green chillies.

Basmati Rice Pudding



For a Bengali, no auspicious occasion is complete without “payesh”. From birthdays to bridal shower to baby shower, this is a must ingredient of the menu. Not necessarily of Basmati rice though. Here’s the traditional recipe with the Basmati twist.



1/2 cup basmati rice
2 litres milk
4 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp ghee
2 green cardamom
raisins-to garnish
almonds-sliced, to garnish
cashew nuts-chopped to garnish
few drops rosewater


Wash and wipe the rice and dry it on a plate and leave aside.

Heat milk in a large pan. Add green cardamom powder. Simmer till it is reduced to 3 quarters of its original volume.

Add a tbsp of ghee to the washed rice and mix it. Add the rice to the milk.

Put in the sugar when the rice is slightly tender. Continue cooking until milk is reduced to half its volume and starts thickening. The rice should be fully cooked by now.

Now add the raisins, almonds, and chopped cashew nuts.

Remove from heat and add the rosewater. This is optional. I generally leave it put since the spouse is not too fond of the odor.

Cool and serve.

Rift in Relationship, courtesy friends?

In a Utopian world, we shall all have The Perfect Relationship — juggling with skill all the challenges a relationship offers. Put that perfect scenario in a real-world condition, and the nuances start changing colours – sometimes abruptly, sometimes subtly. And although it might be a painful morsel to chew, but the truth is, at times, it’s our near ones that cause the confusion. Difficult to digest, I know. Undoubtedly you had thought that since they love you, they’d wish to see you happy! But then, you know, even this resistance arises from love – the fear of losing ‘their share of you’. To them, the evolution of a new relationship threatens the hold that they have on you, and they start resenting the relationship.
Your friends would mostly be birds of the same or at least similar feather. No wonder you share your likes, dislikes, interests et al; and in a broader perspective, you share with them your time and life. Of course you value them, their opinion. But when they overstep boundaries and strain your bonding with your significant other, it’s time for some fast disaster management action!
Here’s how you can identify the red alerts and steady yourself for an unbiased reconsideration of the situation –

(1) When a friend always disapproves of your date: Every time you date someone, no matter how perfect that person may seem to you, your friend always finds her/him not a good enough match for you.

(2) When a friend always portrays a negative you in front of your partner: A friend who always paints a negative picture of you, albeit in the form of funny anecdotes, is giving out a wrong signal to your date.

(3) When a friend shows special interest in you: If a friend has a crush on you, chances are jealousy would creep in to keep you away from a healthy relationship with someone else.

(4) When a friend leaks out your secrets: A friend may know many of your secrets, but should also know how to keep them. It is up to you to share your life with your partner when you feel ready for it.

(5) When a friend flirts with your partner: If your friend spends a lot of time with your date behind your back, or openly flirts with her/him in your presence, it is disgracing your relationship.

(6) When a friend does not show respect or courtesy to your partner: Disrespecting your partner is the last thing she/he would expect you to tolerate.

(7) When a friend wants all your free time and attention: Your friend claims every free moment you have – always clinging on to you, even barging in to your romantic date. This would irritate your partner who would naturally want to spend some quality couple-time.

(8) When a friend makes you ignore your partner: Ignoring your partner is suicidal for any relationship, more so in case of a budding relationship. If your friend always manipulates to keep you away from your partner, it might give a wrong signal to your significant other.

(9) When a friend is always picking on your partner: You obviously value opinion of your friends. So if your friend always harps on what your date does wrong, it might make a negative influence on you as well.

(10) When a friend encourages you to cheat on your partner: When your friend encourages you to date someone else simultaneously, even helps to manipulate such a situation for you, it’s a clear signal that your friend does not want your romantic involvement to strengthen into a permanent bond.

To welcome a new person in your life, you’d need to give her/him space to bloom. For that, learn to set boundaries and make sure they are adhered to. But just as your friends need to understand that you need “couple time” with your partner, your partner should also realize that you’d sometimes need “fun time” with friends where your partner may or may not be welcome. If your near ones love you, they’d respect your needs as an individual bringing you peace, harmony and happiness.

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Wine Coolers — Wine Storage Story Part II

As soon as you look closely at the nuances of Wine storage (discussed in the previous blog ), it would be seemingly imperative that for properly taking care of your Wine collection it’s perhaps best to invest in a Wine Cooler. Storing wine is a snap as long as you remember to keep it cool, dark, still and sideways.


Now when we speak of wine cooler, it could be a less expensive small table-top one, or a glacette (simple insulated container) to chill one bottle, or a more expensive larger one that can store dozens of bottle. It depends on how much wine you plan to collect and store, and what budget you allocate for your wine storage. The more you spend, the better thematerials should be. Aluminium that will conduct cool temperatures better than plastic ones is a better choice of material. Also, a rough interior will be better for humidity than a smooth one.


Wine coolers are, at their most basic, standalone units designed to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity. A wine cooler will generally keep the temperature constant, as long as you’re not constantly fiddling with the door. More expensive units may have multiple temperature zones, which is a nice feature if you want to keep your reds at one temperature and your whites at a cooler, more ready-to-drink temperature. Humidity controls are also helpful.

Units also vary in designs. For example, your cooler may or may not come with sliding shelves. Also ponder about whether the cooler you select is designed to accommodate the different sizes and shapes of wine bottles you possess. Accessibility to your bottles should be another deciding factor. So consider both how well you’ll be able to see what’s inside, and how easy it will be for you to grab a bottle when you want one. Also a quieter unit is always a blessing.


The door itself is something to ponder. It is important for you to see the bottles as well as protect them from light. Make sure the door opens on the correct side for where you’re placing it since not every unit has reversible doors. Ponder whether you want the glassclear, tempered, tinted, double-paned or UV-resistant. The more expensive models havelocks or even alarms.


To round off, the key is to remember that your wine needs a cool snug place to sleep without being disturbed much by external factors like light, heat, movement etc. Give them a snug home, and they would fill up your senses each time you make Wine your meal companion.




[Information & Image Courtesy: Google Search]